5 Reasons why your Startup Needs a Digital Leadership Training


Feb 11, 2021

The Importance of Digital Leadership Training

Leadership is the ability to influence a team or a group of people to achieve a specific vision or set of goals. For optimal effectiveness and to achieve its objectives organizations need a combination of strong leadership. In the current times leaders are now required to turn digital. Due to this there is a growing importance for digital leadership training. In times of crises leaders need to stay adjustable more than ever. It is also vital during this that leaders are supportive and are able to deal with the sudden changes. Dealing with the current crisis as a leader is a challenge. But it should also be an opportunity to follow the path of the new work mentality. Having a strong and inspiring leader is always important. When the future is uncertain and jobs are threatened and unstable having the right leadership style is vital. In addition leadership is now having to go digital. Here is why you should consider digital leadership training.

Digital Leadership as a Vision for the Future: 

In today’s dynamic world, we require leaders who challenge the status quo, who create bold visions of the future, and who are able to inspire organizational members to want to achieve the visions. Due to the current crisis leaders are now required to do this digitally, this can be a massive challenge. Now more than ever employee journey is important in order to keep team motivation high. Employees are more concerned with their future and how their employer reacts to the new and unknown situation. Many companies forced their employees to take unpaid leave or their working hours were decreased. The uncertainty makes them wonder whether their current company is the right place for them.Good digital leadership skills are important to keep their team's morale high during these difficult times and give employees a vision and hope for the future. The transformation towards digital leadership needs to incorporate key methods to run smoothly and deal with anxious employees.Employers should do their best to provide good employer branding and to motivate their employees by helping them during the crisis.For more on digital transformation visit Digital And Strategic Transformation Through The Eyes Of A Project Lead

Coping with your own Uncertainties. 

At DRIVE IMPACT we have a fully remote team. If this isn't the same for your company, likelihood is your digital leadership skills are severely lacking. The transition to running a team digitally doesn't come easy. Especially if you are used to being able to physically watch your employees work. Digital leadership requires a level of trust and confidence that your team wants to work. Digital leadership is more than just managing a team using digital platforms, it also requires self management. Leaders should be focusing on their personal growth especially in terms of self awareness and compassion. Many leaders are having to watch their business slowly crumble, whilst also worrying about their employees. Emotional intelligence is key during these times to help set personal goals and remain an inspiration to their team. 

Learning how to Lead Digital Teams

Digital leadership is very different from leading when you can fully connect with your team. When it is digital it becomes a guessing game of how your team is doing and how you can support them. Digital Leadership training is important to learn how to run effective remote teams, how to put into place effective communication, and monitor productivity.If you are struggling with not having your employees physically next to you, remember that target systems and OKRs and key tools for monitoring employee productivity. In the current work environment careful consideration needs to be given to psychological safety at the workplace and even in the most corporate and fierce workplaces compassion is essential. Not just for the sake of your employees and own sanity but also for employer branding. For tips on leading remote workshops read this article:The Guide To Great Remote Workshops

Communication and Digital Leadership 

Founder presence falls in line with many of the points already discussed - employer branding, learning to trust your team and supporting your team. Especially during times of crisis founder presence is key to good Digital Leadership. Now more than ever leaders should be showing their faces in online meetings and fore heading employee engagement activities. Internal communication structures and processes should be put into place to build and trust between teams and ensure the company still can run as smoothly as possible despite many possible obstacles.  

Keeping your Culture Stable 

  A good company culture is not something that happens but that is deep rooted in a company starting from the companies vision.  Discover how to build a creative company culture here. Company culture is one of the many things that could fall by the wayside in the coming weeks and months. Keeping true to the company core values, mission and vision shouldn't be forgotten about even during difficult times. Again company culture is something that will have to be adapted to become. Culture in the form of free food and workplace activities is no longer possible and digital forms need to be adopted. Core values should be facilitated into team meetings and communication, especially when considering the future of the company. OKRs should be put into place to offer some structures and to ensure that employees are aligned with the company vision. 

!MPACT Sessions Digital Leadership Coaching

Jumping into the digital world head first can be quite daunting for many leaders, especially with the current stress and urgency of the situation. This is why we have created !MPACT Sessions to offer leaders and employees a different kind of Employee Benefit Program.We design and deliver training to develop your managers to become digital leaders using holistic leadership coaching. Our sessions are of course, digital and flexible, allowing us to fit in with your schedule. It is clear that during the current situation an empathetic and understanding approach is key. That is why our digital experts are also trained psychologists that know the best way to support your team during this time. !MPACT Sessions Digital Leadership Coaching focuses on the following to help you become the best digital leader and support your team. 

  • Self-management as a leader to manage the crisis
  • How to monitor employee productivity by using target systems
  • How to run effective meetings with remote teams
  • Psychological safety at the workplace
  • How to facilitate employee engagement in times of crisis
  • How to keep motivation high in your team Additionally, in response to the current strains on business we have created the sessions to be affordable for all including small or struggling startups.

We also offer an Internal Leadership Academy. Click here to see the steps we take with your team leaders.


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