Hiring in Corona Times - Why Now is the Time to get the Best Talents


Feb 11, 2021


The current crisis has led to millions of people across the world losing their jobs. Throughout Europe many companies have put a hold on hiring and new job postings have decreased. Contradictory to the most common reaction to the crisis, we see some benefits that arise when hiring in the current situation.

Providing Stability 

Due to the current situation, many are left without jobs and in need of stability and income. In the tough weeks or months to come the more jobs available the better. Companies that are continuing with their hiring process are providing stability and a vision of the future for those that have been laid off. Even for employees that have managed to keep their jobs there is still an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and instability. Due to this for all companies it is more important than ever to consider employee engagement initiatives. Many peoples' fears are raised over future prospects. They start to be more concerned with themselves and how their employer reacts to the new and unknown situation and tend to question their actions even more. The uncertainty makes them wonder whether their current company is the right place to work for them.Read how to deal with psychological stress in the workplace here. This is exactly why employers should act now and do their best to provide good employer branding and to motivate their employees by helping them during the crisis. This is the only way to maintain and strengthen employee engagement. Read more about how you can bridge the cross by using your people and development budget in our blog.

Exponential Talent Pool

One benefit for companies is that there is suddenly a huge pool of talent. When hiring before the crisis companies were thrown into a tough competition, fighting for the best candidates. Companies are used to a dog eat dog world when hiring where the best company wins. That often being the most established, most popular and sought after companies. Currently, however, there is a huge boom in the demand for work across almost all sectors, without the fierce competition, giving young, or less known startups a fighting chance. Smaller companies without a strong or well known brand identity, especially those not directly affected by the crisis, should be taking this opportunity to access strong candidates whilst the competition is low. Drive!mpact also offers trainings and workshops in Employer Branding to help such companies when the heavy competition returns. 

Increased Flexibility 

In addition to the increased need, people generally have a lot more time on their hands. This means that potential candidates are more flexible for calls and online videos than ever before. Interview processes can move quicker, more seamlessly and without disruptions. According to the British government, the latest estimates suggest that up to a fifth of the workforce may be off sick during the peak of the coronavirus epidemic. High numbers like this will also be shown around the rest of Europe. This will leave certain companies whose business has gone into an unexpected overdrive - shops, pharmacies, online services and internet marketplaces, technology companies, online entertainment, logistics - with a reduced workforce. During this time companies will need to search for candidates to build up their workforce. 


One thing that seems to be sure with regards to the current situation is that no one is sure how long it will last. Lock downs that started at two weeks and are now being extended to two months. National and international business been halted across continents. Yet we look to China and there is a glimmer of hope for the future and a light at the end of the tunnel. So what happens when we come out of the other side? Whenever it will be, we should be prepared. Companies will once again be thrown into a fierce competition for the best talent. It is a chance for companies to offer much needed stability to those jobless and in turn be prepared for the return of normality in the coming future. 


Many work structures and processes have had to go growth a drastic and immediate change recently, the same goes for hiring. Face to Face interviews are no longer possible and managers and new employees may be unable to actually meet before starting a job. 


Due to this it is important to consider how to set up remote hiring processes and structures. Be prepared. During a video interview it is even more obvious if you are shuffling through pieces of paper or computer tabs to find candidate information. Make notes before the interview and have your questions ready. 

Hiring Tools

When hiring remotely ensure you have the tried and tested tools to make the interview process run smoothly. Make sure you have a quiet place to conduct interviews, without distractions, a phone or children running around. A strong and stable internet connection is also important, cutting out of an interview half way through won’t improve your employer branding. 

Candidate Tracking 

Use a cloud based software to ensure that different members of the hiring team can access candidates processes. Video conferencing tools are great for online interviews, and are second best to meeting candidates Face to Face.Google hangoutsZoom and Skype are great for virtual ‘Face to Face’ meetings. 

Representing the Company 

Video interviews are great for hiring during the current crisis. However, the one main difference in video interviews from Face to Face interviews is that it is harder for candidates to get a feel of the company. They miss out on sensing what it would be like to work in that company and the general atmosphere. Due to this it is so important that the company values and work life is communicated clearly. This should also be reflected in the interview process. If the company prides itself as a flexible, supportive and inspirational place to work, the interview should do the same. Again the importance of Employer Branding (more on employer branding here) arises and the way in which companies treat their employees should be made transparent.

It is important for employers to transmit psychological safety and support during the interviews. These are hard times for everyone and a company applying remote structures to interviews shows respect and care to their workforce. Despite possible uncertainty in their current jobs, people will not leave if they don't feel safe in their new company. Creating a psychologically safe atmosphere is vital during the interview. Learn more on how to conduct meeting and improve employee engagement in our blog article:How digital events and activities can strengthen your company culture during isolation.

For more information on Employee support programs led by expert psychologists and Digital Trainers. Please visit our!MPACT Sessions page for a different kind of Employee Benefit Program.  

See our article on Remote Work – Guaranteeing Effective Communication for more information on remote work. Click here to see what our partner Truffls say about why Corona should be seen as an opportunity for hiring. See our list of partners here. 


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