How Recruitment As a Service (RaaS) Can Drive Your Business Forward.

Feb 11, 2021

If you’re an emerging and fast-growing business, you will be aware of the challenges and time-constraints that come with recruitment. In addition, there is a huge cost which could be incurred by your business if you select the wrong candidate. So, what are your options? There is in-house recruiting, but that could be costly…plus, is it really a good idea to stretch your employee’s capacity even further? This brings us to Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS). An efficient and fast-paced recruiting strategy that shifts the burden of talent acquisition onto a third-party. Thus, freeing up team members time, so they can focus on their vital tasks which help keep your business flowing.

Attention to Detail:

With an average loss of 130k, hiring the wrong candidate is an organisation’s biggest and most hidden cost. Supervisors can spend on average 17% of their time managing poorly performing employees which has a knock on effect with the employees. Time and resources are taken away from these high performers as their work burden is increased. Therefore, choosing the correct hiring solution is key for business success and growth. In an attempt to speed up the process, in-house recruiters may publish bare-bones listings that fail to accurately represent job responsibilities. This ultimately leads to poor candidate choices and results. Unlike in-house recruiting, RaaS providers have one job: finding the most talented candidates to support your business growth. Therefore, special attention is placed on creating the exact candidate personas in order to find someone who fits the bill and blends in with the company’s culture. This ultimately reduces turnover of new hires and guarantees that those selected are exactly where they want to be.

Additionally, RaaS providers offer clients a competitive advantage in talent acquisition. Take us for example, as a People Growth Agency, we make talent a priority for sustainable corporate growth. We learn about the unique features of each organisation, the desired company culture, and what positions need to be filled and by whom in order to develop personalised strategies for candidate selection. Having gathered this information, we get straight to work by filling the pipeline with numerous pre-screened qualified profiles from our dynamic database system.

Time is precious

Not only is time precious, time is money. Anyone who has ever indulged in the recruitment process can tell you it is a lengthy procedure. First you have to create job postings, market open positions, sieve through stacks of CV’s just to build a short list. Then comes the interviews… the lengthy process goes on... Employees have already got other important matters to address, and the HR team (if you are big enough to have one) are already busy bouncing between employees to keep them happy. Thus, by assigning the HR staff to do your recruiting, it is highly likely that it will be placed at the bottom of their to-do list. By using recruitment as a service (RaaS), you can outsource this work and free up the time of your employees so that they can get on with what they were firstly brought in to do. Furthermore, recruitment is a specialized skill that not all HR members possess. RaaS have specific skills in generating interest, finding talent and identifying their suitability much faster than any in-house can. This prevents other organisations to snap up the available talent that you may also be looking for and need so prominently. RaaS shortens the time it takes to fill your open positions. Let’s face it, do you really want to sort through those applications, sift through those CVs, read all those cover letters AND conduct all those interviews? Not to mention second stage interviews and challenges… Do you really have time for all of that?

Fishing for talent

When assigning various contingent recruiters to search for talent, you expect to see diversity, right? But how is this possible if they’re all fishing from the same pond? RaaS providers can connect with the right people at the right time through their cultivated extensive talent acquisition networks and sourcing strategies. This means that the only people that agencies submit for your review are ones that fit your criteria. At Drive Impact, we create candidate pipelines with numerous pre-screened qualified profiles from our talent pool built from an extensive range of platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, Stackoverflow, Github… you name it. We have a network of connections to leverage on, and our systems help us locate people with those hard to find skills that you are looking for. Therefore, RaaS shortens the time it takes to fill your open positions as it utilises resources, checks that candidates fit against your requirements and conduct interviews on your behalf.

Communication is key

Every business is different, from its mission to its culture. As a business, communication is key when creating both a consistent brand image and cultivating culture. Thus, when hiring a recruiter, it’s important that communication between the candidates remains consistent and is aligned with the company culture. After all, the recruiter is acting as a brand ambassador for your company. Contingency recruiting can get messy, as a candidate could be approached by several recruiters for the same role. Each recruiter has their own style and approach and will pick and choose what they tell the candidates. Consequently, this could tarnish your brand image by making it look unfocussed and worse, desperate. With RaaS, the recruiter becomes part of your team. At Drive, our recruiters work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, creating a constant feedback loop so no miscommunication happens when fishing for talent. In addition, as our client, you can follow our progress by being a part of our transparent ATS system and collaborate with us throughout. An offer many freelancers may not be able to offer.

So, what can we take away from all of this? RaaS is an efficient and fast-paced recruiting strategy that helps emerging and fast-growing businesses find talent to drive business forward. Using our specialist team of recruiter, as well as our tools and best-practice processes, we can help you find the most talented candidates to support your business growth. So why not book your first free 15-minute consultation to find out exactly how we can help.


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