How to Attract the Best Talent?

Feb 11, 2021

Getting your first hires on board is more than just the recruitment process. There is so much competition to get the best talent that in order for a company to come out on top they have to offer more than just a good salary. A top candidate may have offers from a number of different companies, all offering the same position and the same salary. So what additional factors attract a great candidate to a specific company?

In order to get the best talent your company has to be attractive and well known. The best way to do this is to have a strong focus on employer branding.

Employer branding

Employer branding makes your company known and attracts candidates to you rather than you having to search high and low for anyone interested. There are a number of platforms such as Welcome to the Jungle and Talent Search People that help employer branding by showing potential candidates what it is really like to work for the company from an objective perspective.

There are a number of ways to communicate your company brand externally and tell the world why they should want to work in your company.

External initiatives:

  • Career website update with core values - to attract employees to the company it is important to clearly communicate your core values to ensure employees are aligned with the company from the onset.
  • Adding a value-stage interview process - adding a values stage to the interview process shows the importance of the company values and allows you to find out your prospective employees motivations.
  • Update job descriptions with values - again this ensures value alignment with employees from the very start.
  • Great company pitch which leads to the specific culture - prospective employees should know about the company, its beliefs, values and culture before even applying for the position. This is the first impression that candidates see so make sure it is very strong.
  • Send out a motivational email to the employees and ask that they vote the employer on kununu and glassdoor - nothing improves employee branding like reviews from the actual employees. Of course this backfires if your company doesn't stay true to its values and culture as employees know this and will share it with the world. Ongoing initiatives

Additional initiatives should be ongoing, not just in the search for specific candidates. These are what builds up a strong employee branding throughout the company for the long run.

  • Ongoing job-postings on indeed for brand awareness.
  • Provide credibility: employee stories, "photos backstage", also great input for social media (employee generated content is really good).
  • Develop a content calendar for focus channels like LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Engage in kununu & glassdoor and reply to all comments.
  • Candidate experience: ensure a clear structure and guidelines, make sure stages are clearly communicated and let candidates know if you're not continuing with them.
  • ALWAYS send out an email that you have received the application and always do follow ups!
  • Use weekly engagement surveys to track the team satisfaction.

Company Culture

With the growing number of start-ups the competition for the best employees also increases. In order to attract the best employees, companies need to focus on creating a strong company culture in addition to employer branding. Creating a strong company culture is all about strategy and vision and core values are the underlying framework to create it. An organisation with an inspiring culture and a purpose is more likely to be embraced by employees.

Valuing employees Employees need to feel valued, listened to and also supported to gain a sense of loyalty to the company.

Leadership Having great leadership is extremely important to have a strong company culture. Leaders should be a visionary and inspiring to their employees, as well as holistic thinkers that are future orientated rather than thinking in black and white. The leaders are the transition between the vision, the operational part, and how it actually works on the ground floor. For a start-up not only to survive but to thrive, CEOs need to be good leaders and have the right mindset, knowledge and know how to delegate. They normally learn these skills through experience and past failures, in fact, the best CEOs often already have start-up experience. To be a successful CEO it is key not to micromanage nor underestimate the importance of their employees, but to make their employees and their own leadership skills a top priority. Successful managers realise that it is worth their time to make their employees happy, as without them there is no company.

Core values

Core values are key to creating a strong company culture and they should be defined and be represented throughout the company and its structure, including the hiring process. To have employees "live the values" embed them into the culture, employee journey and other strategies.

Why core values are important

As mentioned above creating a strong company culture is key to attracting the best talent, having a focus on core values is what ensures that employees are aligned with the company from the onset. But core values do more than this, in fact, long-term success is directly influenced by the way employees share their company’s values.

  • Your values build your vision & purpose - for prospective employees to be attracted to a company they need to know why. Why is a company doing what they are doing and what values do they represent?
  • Brand identity - Your company values, its mission & purpose should be reflected in all of your branding, design & communication. It is an opportunity to make yourself heard and understood from the inside out.
  • Attracting (and keeping) the right people - A clear vision and well-articulated values naturally attract like-minded people who are an authentic embodiment of the organisation
  • Happier customers - Customers are drawn to brands that share their values. Your employees and your products represent those values.

To get the best people to work for you you have to show them why. Why should they work for you, what values does the company represent and how do the company dynamics work. This is all done through the discussed tops: Employer branding, Company Culture and Core Values. For support with any of these areas please feel free to get in contact with us and learn how DRIVEIMPACT can put you at the top of the game in finding the best talent.


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