The Best Sourcing Channels for Recruiting Talent after COVID

Feb 11, 2021

COVID or no COVID business must go on. As the start-up scene evolves and thrives, it is now more important than ever to ensure you can source the best talent to help your start-up succeed. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as every organisation differs from the next. Thus, the method of recruitment which works for one won’t necessarily mean it will work for a successful hire for another. But never fear, being experts in the recruitment game we are here for you. We have put together some of the best sourcing channels for you to use in 2020 post COVID.

You may also want to add your company to the Startups Actively Hiring During COVID-19 spreadsheet and the Companies Still Hiring coda.

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1. Glassdoor Glassdoor is one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites which has a full web page dedicated to COVID-19 resources. The page has best practices such as switching your job listings to ‘remote’, readings such as “5 Recession-Proof Hiring Strategies to Put In Place Now” and it even has added features like posting a designated COVID-19 company update and allows you to list your company as experiencing a hiring surge.

2. Truffls Truffls is a mobile talent platform for young professionals which allows its users to set up a company profile and create job advertisements manually or by copying a link from your career page. What is more, if the corresponding job advertisements already exists in the Truffls platform, their system reads all information automatically and uses its matching algorithm to show your job ad to suitable talents.

3. Parachute Parachute is a new, free consolidated list of all qualified employees looking for work who were unable to retain their jobs following the Covid-19 pandemic. The list is accurate, up to date, and easy to filter.

4. Dice Dice is a platform which has access to over 2 million CVs focused within the technology sector, with 25,000 new resumes added almost every month. The platform even has a COVID-19 Jobs Resource Centre dedicated page which allows employers to post their open jobs, brand your business, take part in their Virtual Career Events and hire best-in-class tech talent, no matter where your company is located.

5. Social Media Although Linkedin may seem like a rather obvious place to start browsing, there are social media channels that you may want to utilise to find the right person. Channels like Twitter (including Twitter search), Instagram and Facebook are useful platforms and may also give a little more insight into the personality of your sourced candidate. You can also search to source talent in your industry and location who you can then follow up with through other social media.

6. Reddit Reddit is a messaging platform where people discuss all kinds of topics. Although not usually considered as a recruiting platform, what could be better to find great candidates than a large and thriving community of engaged users? Reddit is more relevant for individual recruiters, but it is certainly useful to create a corporate account as you can create subreddits to post jobs and give more information to users. You can also reply in real time here to people actively looking for a job through the site.

7. Online professional sites There is a huge array of online professional sites where developers, tech specialists and creatives showcase work samples and have conversations such as Dribbble, Behance, Stack Overflow. Github is another online platform which has seen a dramatic increase in its users post COVID where developers keep their code and work on individual or collective projects. Here, organisations are able to connect with candidates and evaluate their work. This is a platform which is full of people with skills which start-ups are looking for to get their companies off the ground.

8. Booleen Booleen is another recruiter sourcing site which allows you to refine your candidate search for candidates with specific or overlapping characteristics by using the AND, OR and NOT functions. Not only will this help you refine your search but it will also help you disqualify candidates too. One technique is flip search which helps you discover people who link to a particular site. For example, a recruiter who has worked for Drive Impact, is likely to link to the Drive Impact site. With the search term: ‘".

9. Professional sourcing services Employers and recruiters can get the most out of online sourcing by using professional services. There are many online services like Networkmonkey that scan the Internet to find candidates who match your criteria. Better yet, and our professional recruitment experts at Drive Impact can do this easily to allow your employees to get on with what they need to do, help your company find the best talent fast and allow your HR department to dedicate more time to your current employee’s needs. So why not come to us and start by booking your first free 15-minute consultation to find out exactly how we can help.

And how do these recruitment channels differ for different job roles, position level and industry? Click here to receive our report and learn about some additional alternative platforms which will help you in your unique talent search.


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