Trends to look for in the Post-Coronavirus Landscape

Feb 11, 2021

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on pretty much everyone, everywhere. It is likely that the world as we knew it will become a thing of the past. We have been forced to get used to a life without restaurants, with quarrels over toilet paper becoming the new norm and a social life that has gone digital. So what does all of this mean and what does the future of business look like? We identify trends to look for in the post-coronavirus landscape from digital organisational development services to online nightclubs. 

Remote Work 

As lockdowns rapidly came in force across the world so did the need for remote work. Some businesses found they were able to adapt easily and embraced the new working from home norm, whilst for others it meant turning their business upside down in the struggle to survive. Read more on how to guarantee effective communication in remote work in our article. Remote work has quickly become the new normal and this trend is likely to remain so after the crisis. 

“We are right now conducting the largest field experiment of remote work in history." Jan Dominik Gunkel

And this experience has been a raging success. Tech giant Microsoft has told employees to work from until October, Amazon has also said that employees are allowed to work from home until October. Facebook has also said that remote work for employees may become a permanent thing. This is a trend that can be expected across the tech industry as companies realise they are paying huge amounts for office spaces and resources whilst their employees are perfectly able to get the job done from home. Not only this but having a remote team also gives companies access to an exponential talent pool, read more on hiring from a distance here.

From Digital Organisational Development Services to Online Nightclubs

The current world has taken a swift turn to becoming completely digital and we can expect this to remain the norm for a long while to come. Everything that can be digital will be and everything that can’t will be adapted.Peoples whole lives have now become digital and these behaviours are unlikely to disappear after the virus. As consumer priorities change there is an increased demand for digital acceleration. 

“In the areas of retail, work, education, communication and play, digital alternatives to physical presence are challenging the need to appear in person. As millions are either quarantined or ordered to self-isolate – and as live events and social gatherings are cancelled or postponed – expect demand for remote commerce, working and leisure to grow. Cloud clubbing, telemedicine, co-presence workplace tools, online gaming, virtual learning – all stand to gain during this crisis.” Christophe Jouan tells Forbes

 Across the world any events involving human contact have been cancelled. We need to prepare for all kinds of digital events from meetings and conferences to festivals and concerts. Some of our behaviours had already tested the digital waters such as shopping, banking and learning, however most of us still did these mostly offline. This has changed dramatically in the last few months. We are creatures of habit and have now become so used to online banking, digital learning and online exercise classes. Now that we can do all of this online, most of us will continue to do so.Companies are trying to rediscover themselves in a new digital world. Conferences have quickly become digital through live streaming platforms such as Bluejeans,Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Other types of events are also taking large digital steps and adapting to social distancing. Nightclubs and concerts are now online, theatres are offering us entertainment via streaming and even museums are offering digital tours. Whilst these changes have been born out of necessity there is nothing to say that they won't continue after lockdowns ease and at least until Coronavirus is a thing of the past. 

Online Services 

As well as events, services have gone, and will continue, to go digital. Workshops, trainings and organisational development services will now be done online as well as,consultations and doctors appointments. Services that have previously been in person are now having to be digital.Contact us for information on digital leadership coaching and psychological counselling. Services are likely to offer digital sessions even after the crisis.Want to know more about successful remote work? Digital organisational development services? Or anything else discussed in this article? Please get in touch. 


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