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Jon I.

Available for hire
> 5 years experience
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About me

International Senior Recruiter

Core Competencies: Full-cycle recruiter | Business Partner | 360 recruiter | Tech and non-Tech Sourcing | Job description development | Screening Techniques | Talent Pipeline | Interview Techniques | Focused Tech Interview | Onboarding | Project Management | Negotiation | Talent Acquisition | Talent Management | Training and Development | Code challenge management and assessment

I am a senior recruiter and certified program manager ensuring quality recruitment and efficient business partnerships with top brands!

I have successfully sourced and placed senior tech and non-tech talent across Europe, APAC & Canada. Clients include big entities such as DeliveryHero/foodpanda as well as smaller entities ready to scale up.
I partner with clients to provide them with an efficient, transparent, and high-quality service while also providing advice based on the latest market trends.

I go the extra mile to save you time by also technically assessing the candidates. That way you can confidently put them through your internal interview process.
Having been a COO/CIO, I run the initial basic tech interview myself.
However, for positions requiring a deep-dive tech interview, I partner with various tech recruiters who are specialists in individual areas such as Go, React, Android, iOS, JavaScript, Python, AI/ML,...

I also run interviews in the evenings and weekends for the convenience of potential candidates and to allow a faster recruitment process.

Let's go!

Work history

Founder/Senior Recruiter - Ananasjob international (AlphaForth)

Jan 01, 2017 - Nov 30, 2021

International recruitment agency for senior tech and non-tech jobs (remote and on-site) working for international agents and companies across America, Europe, and Asia such as Delivery Hero and food panda. Independent