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Raas -Your Recruitment Carefree package 

We do not believe that the best talents are currently looking for a job. Therefore we will become your talent hunter and 


We will match you with the best Consultant for your needs. In a first onboarding meeting they create with you the exact candidate personas and pay attention not only to skills but also to cultural fit.

Together with your Drive Freelancer you agree on your prefered communication channel and your weekly jourfix, so that you and your consultant can create the feedback loop quickly and effectively.

Your Consultant starts immediately and fills the pipeline with numerous prescreen qualified profiles from LinkedIn, Xing, Stackoverflow and our internal talent pool. You can follow our progress transparent and collaborate with us all time in the ATS system.

You decide which candidates you would like to see in a personal interview. After 6 weeks you can expect the position filled, as our average time to hire is not more than 80 hours.

Why working with Drive?

We have the prices of a Freelancer but the value of an entire agency ;)

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