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4 Talent Acquisition Tips to Find Your Top Employees

There is an undeniable change happening in HR. Attracting and retaining the best employees has shifted the focus in modern HR management. Talent management strategies and tools are at the center of attention. You are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Find our best talent acquisition tips and training.

Talent Management Strategies

Firstly, it is important to understand that talent management does not end with talent acquisition. Retaining talent is a continuous effort that requires planning, management, and adaptation. The best talent policies respond to changing conditions on the ground and to cultural differences across the globe.  While your talent management strategy is closely linked to your employer's brand and overall employee satisfaction, it has its own key topics that need to be addressed:

  • Onboarding & Recruiting Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Competency & Performance Management
  • Training & Development Management
  • Succession Planning 

Tools for Talent Management

Although the scope of talent management feels overwhelming, you have a lot of tools at your hand that can help you. Various software companies have detected the need for efficient and reliable software to support all aspects of talent management. Most of these tools focus on performance measurement and development management. But there exist comprehensive tools that cover onboarding, compensation, training, and succession. Still, the most important tool is your own HR department. Without sufficient training, your HR professionals will focus on feeding a system with data instead of analyzing it to succeed in talent management. 

Talent Acquisition Training

Giving your HR professionals the needed training is essential for success. In particular, talent acquisition training is crucial to developing the talent pool you need for talent attraction. We have expertise in all aspects of HR management, including talent acquisition and management. We focus on your specific industry needs and offer tailored solutions depending on where you are in your individual HR journey. You don’t have an HR team yet? We offer training for CEOs and our pool of talented HR professionals can function as your consultants.

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Talent Acquisition Tips

In an ideal world, top talents who graduate or want to change jobs have already heard of your company and want to work for you. How do you achieve that? 

  1. Well-established employer image: Logically, this will not happen overnight. It is a long-term commitment that requires consistent, truthful, and transparent communication. This communication will not only happen through you and your PR team. Your employees carry your company culture and (un)consciously transport a lot about your company image with every professional and private interaction. Creating a balanced work environment with accessible leadership becomes a key to talent acquisition. 
  2. High-quality talent pool: Talents are popular. Getting employees that are highly sought after could take a while. The Key is to establish the first contact at e.g. a job fair or open house day and to foster this relationship through a talent pool.
  3. Well-designed onboarding process: An appealing onboarding process is your first impression of a company. The process needs to be clear, well-structured, and interesting to follow through. 
  4. Future-oriented development plans: Talents are eager to move. They want to climb the career ladder and are constantly interested in personal development. Give them something to look forward to on a regular basis, and they will not only want to work for you, but they also will never want to leave. 

Times are changing in the HR universe. Talent acquisition and talent management have become game-changers for established and rising companies alike. Choosing to ignore that trend can be a challenge for your company.

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